2020 Vision

So, here we are. In a new decade, has it hit y’all yet? I’m still sitting with the fact that a brand new phase of my life is about to take place. One I have big plans for, like becoming debt-free, home and property owner, successful blogger + podcaster, all-around businesswoman, a wife, a mother, world traveler, and a master at peace and wellness. 

That was a mouth full I know, but I have 10 years to do it lbs. My approach to this new decade isn’t “New Year, New Me”, more like “New Year, Growing Me”. Because, I love who I am and where I’m headed but I still have so much to learn, achieve and change about myself. 

With all that being said, this how I plan to attack this new decade of my life. 

  • I will be disciplined. Discipline is something I’ve always struggled with. Whether it be with food, liquor, men, money, you name it. In 2019, I learned that becoming disciplined would be the key to freedom. I started dabbling, first with my money. And let me tell you, it opened up a whole new world for me. I’d been cheating myself for years with instant gratification, and after I saw the results of waiting and being intentional. I decided I never wanted to go back.

  • I will be Present. I’m a planner. I love to plan out every detail of my life to a T. I think it's a good and bad thing. The bad thing is that it takes me away from living in the moment. I often want until the feeling is a memory to soak in all in, but no more. Going into this new decade, I’m going to feel my wins in real-time. 

  • I will be Bold in my decisions and feelings. As hard as it may be to believe, I hate being the bad guy. Which oftentimes leads me to make decisions that benefit people's feelings, rather than my well being. And I’ve suffered the consequences on numerous occasions, and I must tell you friends “it doesn’t feel good”. Going into this decade I’m standing in my decisions, regardless of how it may be perceived. I’ve given up on controlling other people's narrative about me. I know me best, and I will do what’s best for me. 

  • I will play an active part in creating a life I don’t need a vacation from (I’m still going though lol).You know how I mentioned all those things I’m going to accomplish in the decade? They’re going to take real work, and I’m at the point “where its all or nothing”. I’m willing to put in the necessary hours to get the life I deserve. Let me be clear though, there will be a lot of rest, fun and vacation in this decade. I don’t believe in “Sleep when die”, baby Imma get some rest for sure. 

So now that I’ve told you my life plans, let me know your blueprint for the decade? 

- Tamika


First I want to talk about how grateful I am to be living in a time where God and the universe eare literally setting the intentions up for us. We’re starting this decade off in the year 2020 - I mean what other sign do you need? This is the year of clarity and and opportunity to really get clear about what you want and how you plan to get it. 

Personally, I see 2020 as the opportunity to lay a strong foundation for the next 10 years. We are at peak primetime and I’m not letting this year go by without going as hard as I can. That goes for multiple areas in my life - health, finances, love/relationships and career. This year, I’ve set three big goals that I would like to accomplish to set me up for the next decade: 

  • Reduce credit burrowed - I know I’m not the only one who got a little too happy with their credit cards over the last few years. How can you blame me? Blame capitalism. Anyway, this is the year that I will take back control of my finances so I can have additional income to get back to investing. 

  • Take control of my health - If you’ve been paying attention to our content recently, you should be all caught up on my Graves’ disease diagnosis. Well, the remission process has come with a whole host of side effects that I absolutely hate. This year I plan to be more disciplined throughout this journey so I can hopefully speed up the remission phase. 

  • Increase my income - In 2019, I actually tracked the amount of profit I created under my creative agency, which showed me that it is possible. In 2020 I’ve set a goal to ensure that I have a system to measure my success. I have a set number of clients I would like to gain at a specific rate and as a result I should be able to hit my goal! 

The most important milestone that I plan to see this year is marriage! At the end of this year, I’ll be getting married, which I am super excited about. I’m looking forward to making my family official and of course celebrating it all. 

Overall, my theme for this year is determination and discipline. I’m determined to add stability and create a strong foundation for my life. In order to do that I have to remain disciplined and focused on my journey and legacy that I want to create. No looking at anyone else’s plate. That’s how you get distracted. So there’s really no new me this year, just a more elevated version. 

Cheers to 2020! Let’s get to work.

- Iesha

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