25 & Clueless

Am I the only one who thought I'd have it all together by 25? You couldn't tell me that I wouldn't have my dream job in media, with a bomb condo, engaged to my dream guy, and traveling the world. Welllll, my 25th birthday is days away, and I don't have any of those things I just listed. 

So when August hit, I started to dread turning the big 2-5. Feeling like a complete failure, and fearing that all these big dreams I have would not come true. Y'all, when I say I was feeling a way; that would be an understatement.But I really had to take a hard look at where I was at in life, and more importantly where I was headed. 

DIVINE INTERVENTION set in! So, my very good sister/soror/friend had her two year business anniversary. There I was basking in her black girl magic, when it hit me. Everybody has been in my position before, failed ideas, derailed plans, broken hearts, and unexpected changes. But there is light, at the end of the tunnel (even though I felt like I couldn't even see a light flicker). My light bulb moment was when my friend made her big announcement, her business that she started ONLY two years ago grossed over a million dollars just this year! 

And to think, just a little bit over two years ago we were in the SAME place. God placed that inspiration in my life, at such a divine time that I knew he was talking to me. Even though I'm almost 25 & clueless, God has a bigger plan for me. And all I need to do, is actually TRUST it. But in the meantime, I have to tell y'all how grateful I am that God put so many amazing people in my life who love, care, and support me. They realllyyyy help, and go out of their way to see to it that I'm good. My journey, isn't mine alone and when the time comes I'm going to pay it back double. 



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