AITOO: 1.5 Year Check-in

Am I The Only One who's super proud of this platform? When Tamika and I created AITOO, we knew we wanted to create a place for young professionals from all over to connect based off of our experiences. Now one and a half years later, we've talked about it all and still have so much to cover.

Connecting through our experiences was our main goal.

Our hope was that by talking about the trials and tribulations of post-grad life, we could support one another and provide solutions to some of our problems. We also wanted AITOO to be a place where everyone can share their own story because everyone's journey is unique. 

Now that we've had the opportunity to talk about these topics online, we're ready to bring them to life. All of my Detroit friends, please save the date (7.15.17). That's right, we are hosting our very first event in the Motor City, where we will mix and mingle. Most importantly we'll get to chat about all of the AITOO topics. Thank you all again for your support and we can't wait to kick it with you all. 


Am I The Only One who can't believe our blog is 1.5 years old!! I can't lie, this milestone has me feeling like a proud mom. It's crazy to think that a irritated rant after a long day of work turned into this. I am extremely proud of it, and I can't wait to see what the second quarter of the year brings. 

So far this year, we celebrated our one year anniversary with a New Year's Day brunch. Iesha and I  were overwhelmed with the love and support our Chicago and Detroit friends showed at that event.

This has prompted us to plan more, we love making real life connections with our friends! So with that being said, look out Detroit! 

We've also added merchandise to the site! This process was so exciting! It was so fun to collaborate on the designs, and learn how to own and operate an online store. So if you want people to know that you're apart of the crew, check out the AITOO merch tab on the site. 

Lastly, I just want to acknowledge my amazing partner and friend for being just that! Taking this blog journey would not have been the same without you, most people don't know that Iesha and I haven''t lived in the same city since AITOO launched. But honestly it still feels like she's still in the next room! Can't wait to see where we are on our 2nd anniversary. 


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