AITOO Live Podcast: Chicago Recap

Friends! We hosted our first live podcast. Can you believe it? We brought together some of the top movers and shakers in Chicago to talk about the day-to-day of a professional trying to figure out life. From finances to relationships, we talked about it all. We even got to hear from you guys. We left the conversation with so many gems that we wanted to share a quick recap of our top takeaways: 

1. When it comes to finances do what works best for you. Everyone's finances and expenses are different - there's no "one size fits all" solution to everyone's situation. That said, try out some different methods and see what works for you 

2. If you aren't dedicating time to self-care, do it! As professionals that are constantly fighting an uphill battle, it's important that you are taking some time out for yourself. Self-care doesn't have to be about bubble baths and candles. It can be whatever you want it to be. 

3. Don't limit yourself when it comes to dating. Just because you have an image of what your ideal mate may be, that doesn't mean you can't stray away from that image. Your partner may not have all the qualities you are looking for but no one is perfect! Remember, making a sacrifice is not the same as settling. 

4. Network to bring something to the table, not just take. We are all looking for the next plug but it's not always about taking. When you network, make sure you have something to offer as well. 

5. There's no better time to go after your dreams than now! You'll never be in the perfect position to do what you are passionate about. The perfect opportunity is now. Stop waiting for the perfect connection or the right resources. Do what you want with what you

have right now

6. When it comes to financial charges, DISPUTE! We all know how annoying and pricey parking tickets and unfamiliar charges on your credit report can be. It's a little time consuming to contest, but it's worth it. You could be saving yourself a few hundred dollars. 

7. If your current situation isn't feeding you, remove yourself. This goes for career, relationships, health and money. If you notice spaces and habits that drain you, make some changes. You deserve to live a FULL life. 

8. Surround yourself with people who get it. Your relationships could make all the difference in your life. Whether that be getting a new job, saving up to buy a home, getting over a break up or getting out of a funk. (But remember friends, don't just take. Reciprocity is key!)

9. You make the rules! Dating is so tricky! Truth is nobody has it figured out, and everyone is different. Do what feels right to you, whatever that maybe. I'm a firm believer in, "if its meant to be, it will be". 

10. Add some balance to your life. As millennials, is easy to get caught up in "hustle" culture. You know, all work with little time for anything else. Don't get me wrong, work hard to achieve your goals. But don't lose yourself, and time (that you can't get back) chasing after your dreams. Remember, to STOP and smell the roses. 

Friends, we had an amazing time in Chicago! Y'all were a great LIVE audience, and we learned so much. Detroit you're up next, save the date 9.8.18!

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