AITOO presents at "The Happening Detroit"

Hey Friends!

You might have noticed a few pictures of Tamika and I out and about last weekend. We were invited to speak about AITOO at "The Happening" which is a catalyst brunch in Detroit organized by our good friends Allante and Seun. What made this experience so unique was that we not only got the opportunity to tell people about AITOO but the participants also gave us advice and recommendations. 

The entire conversation was like a think tank which was very helpful. It's always nice to step back and gather thoughts from people who don't touch your project on an everyday basis. Getting advice from an outside source is very beneficial because everyone thinks differently and it helps to hear how other people receive and understand your project. 


- Iesha


I'm so excited about this week's blog! Because, I get to tell you guys about the amazing time I had in Detroit this past weekend. AITOO had it's first speaking engagement ever at the "Happening Detroit" monthly brunch. We were so excited, and nervous to present our "baby" for the first time. We outlined and practiced our speech all weekend. We even got "Am I The Only One" shirts made! 

After a weekend of fun and preparation, the big day was here! We arrived at the "Happening Detroit" champagne in tote, ready to speak. The atmosphere of the brunch was very welcoming, the two coordinators were so nice! They made us feel right at home. Before we spoke, we played fun games like "Like Cards Against Humanity", "Spades", and "Connect Four". 

When it was time for us to present, the nerves came back. But, we got up there and did it! After we finished, we got some AMAZING feedback and suggestions that we are in process of putting in action. We also made several connections that we look forward to collaborating with in the future. "All in All" The Happening Brunch, and Detroit showed me a great time! I can't wait to visit again, and a huge THANK YOU to the "Happening Detroit" for having us and my sister Iesha for being a great host! 



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