AITOO: Six Month Anniversary Check In

Am I The Only One who is super proud of AITOO and what we've been able to accomplish in just six months? Who knew that an honest experience could bring so many people together. When Tamika and I came up with the concept, we had no clue how we we would bring this idea to life but we knew that we wanted to create a space for other people like us to connect based on our day-to-days. We wanted people to not only bond over experiences but to also walk away with resources and tips. 

Since January 1, 2016, we've been able to organically grow our readership and audience loyalty. This experience has honestly been like watching our baby grow up right before our eyes. We've connected with other accomplished young professionals and given them a platform to share their own stories and experiences. We've had the opportunity to guest blog on popular sites like Goal Digger TV and we've been invited to participate in a very interactive Twitter chat with New York Times best seller Shaka Senghor. Still, nothing makes us happier than being able to watch people share our content and blog with their own communities. 

The last six months has also been a learning experience for us. We've learned how to engage more with our audience, we've learned how to create exciting content and we've also learned how to be a better resource for young professionals. Now, we are looking forward to what the future holds for AITOO - we want to begin collaborating with other bloggers, hosting networking workshops/events and featuring more guest bloggers. Most importantly, we want to thank you all for being supportive from day one and helping us bring this vision to life! 


-Iesha M. 

Am I The Only One who can't believe AITOO turned six months this week? It literally seems like yesterday, that Iesha and I complained our way to this idea (lol). It has been such a pleasure,to see it grow into what it is today. AITOO reach and influence has been on the rise since it's launch, and it's such a proud and humbling feeling. We even got the opportunity to present our blog at "The Happening" brunch in Detroit MI, which was truly a highlight for us. Our social media handles have picked up (thank you all for following us), and we've had the pleasure of making connections with some amazing bloggers. 

Our plans for the future are all about growth! We want to expand our reach outside of our base following (Midwest). We plan on collaborating with other like-minded companies and bloggers to produce more exciting content and events that span throughout the country. But our number one focus moving forward is ENGAGEMENT, we want to hear from you! AITOO is all about you, we want to make AITOO a place where you guys feel comfortable voicing your questions and opinions. We know it's not easy sharing your experience, but you never know who it can help. Or where it may lead you, your next connection could be right in this community.  

Aside from all of the technical growth, AITOO has helped me cope with my postgraduate journey. Having a platform to vent, discuss, and plan my future has been an amazing aid in this roller coaster of a life I live. With each failure and success, I get the chance to work through it with y'all! The feedback that I get back from our subscribers is ALL LOVE, and I appreciate the connection and support that you guys offer the site and us. I look forward to the next six months and beyond, of personal and professional growth with you guys. Thanks for being apart of our journey, can't wait to see where it takes us! 



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