All Work No Play: How To Have Work Life Balance

Am I the only one who feels like working a full time job while trying to pursue your interest is absolutely exhausting? I've been told that our generation is the slash generation, meaning that we don't focus on just a 9 to 5 but also our interest and hobbies outside of the workplace. For example, I'm a public relations professional/blogger/business owner. Older generations might not necessarily understand why we pursue so many different avenues and passions, but I think this says more about our courage to go after our dreams and make them a reality. 

There is the concept of jack of all trades, master of none but who says you can't try something out until you find what fits you best. The first step to pursing your passions outside of your 9 to 5 is accepting the fact that you will lose some sleep, you may have to make some sacrifices when it comes to relationships and you must prioritize for self care. Pursuing your interests will take a lot of energy and maybe more work than what you expected but what's also important is taking care of yourself and your health. There's no way you can devote time to multiple things if you are running on fumes. 

Planning ahead makes juggling multiple responsibilities much easier and it will help you prioritize your to-do's. Even planning down to your meals will help you save time and focus on eating the right foods that will give you energy to fuel your passions. Sometimes you even have to make extra "me time" for yourself in order rest your mind and your body. That can also me sacrificing time spent out with your friends and family. Fueling your passions comes with a major price, but when it's all said and done you'll be happy that you went after them. 

Friends, how do you make time for your pursuing your passions? 




Am I the only one that is TIRED, trying to work a full time job and still have time for a social life? So I recently started a new job (Praise Report), and I looovvveee it. It's everything that I've been doing independently (trough my freelance projects) wrapped into one. My mindset going in was, "I'm going to work this job and still do all my freelance jobs, work on start-ups, and keep the blog going". That mindset was beyond WRONG. I soon found out that salary based jobs, go way beyond 9 - 5. I had to start prioritizing quick! 

So, I had figure out which life projects were most important to me. Because give 10% to a lot of projects will get me nowhere. So I picked the top three things to give my all too, and make some real progress. Time Management has also been a MAJOR KEY. I literally plan out my days from start to finish, to keep myself on track with projects and deadlines. I feel like I'm in the learning curve phase of my career, so it will take more elbow grease than usual. I know once I get into my grove, my time will free up more. And I'll be able to be the social butterfly I was meant to be. But in the meantime, it's grind time. 



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