Bringing Bae Home for the Holidays

Not only is it cuffing season but the holidays are also in full effect. Now I'm not bringing a new bae home (obviously) and haven't for a while - but I know many of our readers could be thinking about revealing another entree at the dinner table this season. 

Whether it's a new boo or someone that you just haven't brought around the family yet, it can be nerve wrecking being introduced to loved ones, especially around the holidays. Hell, I still get nervous being around bae's family from time to time, but that's just because I'm awkward. 

If I had to give advice to anyone thinking of bringing bae home for the holidays it would be to wait it out.

"There's nothing worse than jumping the gun and having to explain to your aunties what happened to "what's his name.

The timing is totally up to your discretion, because it's your relationship and you know it best - but before you reveal bae to your loved ones, make sure you are absolutely sure. 

Now if you're the one that's being brought to holiday dinner, my advice is just be yourself. The pressure of trying to be liked by your significant other's family is real! Remember, bae likes you for you - so be you! The family will come around, and if that don't...that's a conversation for another day. We're just trying to get past the introduction in this blog post. 

Happy Holidays Friends 



So I'm not bringing anyone home for the holidays. But, if I was to bring someone home I would have a long checklist. My family, like most black families can be a lot to deal with so I have to make sure that they're prepared for each other lbs! 

First things first, I have to make sure that I'm serious about the guy and I see us having a future. In my family, you never live down your ex - boyfriends. They will, "what happened to so-so" you to DEATH. And, I'm not trying to hear that every holiday. 

Secondly, I have to make sure I have the talk with my family.

You know, don't bring up my old boyfriends! Don't grill him, ask him questions but please be nice.

I'm the baby of the family, so everybody gets protective. I don't know when they're going to realize I'm pushing 30 sooner than later. 

Lastly, I have to prep him. Give him the 4-1-1 on my parents, what to expect from my sister and brother + my nieces and nephew. Give him a cheat sheet on how to win them over lol. They're like me, we're bull headed but once you break the ice its smooth sailing. 

So future bae, if you're reading this I will have you ready before the big meeting of my family. They crazy, but so am I! lol


Happy Holidays Friends!

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