Can You Survive Off of One PayCheck?

Am I The Only One who thinks that it's hard to live off of just one paycheck? In today's world where cell phones cost just as much as one month's rent, having a side hustle couldn't hurt. Whether you drive Uber, shop for Instacart or you are a consultant for a brand like Mary Kay, every little bit counts. If you are anything like me, you are completely exhausted when you leave from your everyday 9-to-5. So, here are a few tips I've put together that have helped me survive off of one paycheck: 

Don't pick up any extra bills. That means living within your means. If you don't already have the money, it's best to go without whatever you are thinking about purchasing. Pick an apartment with rent that you can afford to pay every month, don't charge a purchase on your credit card that you can't pay back immediately or don't pick up any extra monthly subscriptions that could break your spending money for the month. 

Make a monthly budget. As tedious as it can be, a monthly budget can be very helpful when you are trying to stretch your dollar. Write down all of your most important expenses (ex. bills, student loans, groceries etc.), put some money towards your savings and then the rest is yours to keep (We going to the what?? Mall!). If you're like me, you lose track of everything that you spend your money on over the month and a monthly budget can help you avoid that. Apps like Mint and watching a few tutorials on YouTube helped me create a method that works well for me and it may help you too. 

Just say "No". If you are like me you have a lot of friends and family that love to hit the town, go on impromptu trips to LA and do extravagant activities for no reason other than to celebrate life. As hard as it may be, sometimes you just have to say "No" and your friends and family will understand. I know, I know, what about "YOLO"? Welp, YOLO can't help you when your eating Ramen noodles for a month straight after you bought a plane ticket to Paris. Instead, try waiting for a time to reward yourself. Did you accomplish something good at work? Did you past a test for school? It'll be much more enjoyable then because you'll deserve it! 

Friends, what tips do you use to live off of one paycheck? 


-Iesha M. 


Am I the only one who thinks you need more than one job to make "them pieces hit" in 2016. Well, at least for me. Being a freelancer I work from project to project, client to client so it can change at any moment.

So knowing the risk I'm taking, for the "freedom" I want. I have to work on multiple projects at once. At time it gets frustrating, I find myself overbooking and not managing my schedule well. But I'm definitely working on my organization and time management  (don't judge me, its a process! Lol).

In addition to the money, working on multiple projects at once helps me stay creative, improve on my craft, build my network, skills set, and resume. It also gives me the the freedom to still do the things I love, like afternoon runs, brunch, sleeping in, and working from my bed lol. So it really depends on what you value, and what work/life balance your looking for when you decide to double up on your work load. Let me know what you think friends.



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