Does being Greek hold weight in the job market?

Hey friends, 

I've actually been anticipating this topic for a while now and I'm interested to hear experiences from my fellow Greek brothers and sisters. 

Let me start by saying that when I made the decision to pursue Delta, the idea of networking was never my master plan. I joined my organization because of the women that paved the way before me, at my home chapter and nationally. I genuinely admired their bond, accomplishments and the impact they were making. I joined because I saw myself in those women. 

Now once I became a Delta that's when the lightbulb went off. Use your resources. So I did, but what I learned is that networking within an organization is similar to networking without any affiliation. I learned that being apart of a Greek organization does not give you a fast pass, you know like the ones you buy at Cedar Point to jump the line. No, it does not happen that way or it at least it didn't happen that way for me. You still have to work just as hard to find the right person, make that connection and then land the job. 

Everyone's experience is different and I will say that I have met some women within Delta that have been really great mentors for me. Those relationships have encouraged me to continue uplifting others while I'm on my journey. Some people may say that they have had a lot of opportunities come from their Greek affiliation, others not so much. It really depends on the person. Having Greek affiliation doesn't always give you a fast pass, but I will say that in some instances it may help open some opportunities for you. 

What do you think? Has Greek affiliation helped you open any doors? If you're not a part of a Greek organization, have you seen any benefits from being apart of service, academic or social organization? 




Hey friends, 

So I've been waiting to discuss this topic "Does being Greek affiliated hold weight in the professional world?" for a while now. Before I dive into this subject, I just want to clarify my intentions. In my journey to Delta, my eyes were and still are focused on being among the sisterhood, service and the EXCELLENCE of my organization. However, just like most professional organizations Delta is a network filled with game changers in every field. 

So like Iesha said, I decided to use my resources. While I was still in college, I made it a point to make connections with older sorors and other NPHC members. In hopes that when I figured out what I wanted to do with my life, they could guide me in the right direction. When I finally decided that I wanted to pursue a career in communication, I reached out to all those connects that I had accumulated while I was in college. 

The follow up was great, they pointed me into the right directions. But as far as, employment not so much.I appreciate their help, and the relationships I built them as well as the people they connected me with. However, these relationships did not end in employment, which was the goal. So like Iesha said, being Greek did not open the "skip the lane" pass for me. It's an amazing network, but it doesn't hold the cheat codes for life. 



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