Does LinkedIn Really Work?

Am I the only one who thinks that LInkedIn is one of the best tools for young professionals? Honestly, LinkedIn is one of the reasons I've built so many great relationships with older professionals in my field when I didn't know anyone in Chicago.

Today, people normally tout that it's more about who you know rather than what you know. I personally think you need a little bit of both and building a LinkedIn profile has definitely helped me build a stronger network. I get it - building a LinkedIn profile can be a very daunting task but here are a few tips and tricks that I used to build my profile: 

Take Your Time 

Your LinkedIn is a reflection of your resume and your experience and you want to make sure that you include everything that makes you a stand out candidate for any job. So take your time! Dedicate a week or two to building your profile. 

Don't be shy!

The best way to build connections is to reach out to someone you admire. Well-established professionals love to share their wealth of knowledge. So don't be shy! I've been able to develop genuine friendships with most of the people I've reached out to in the past. 

Build more connections

Like any other social network, when you are active you are likely to come across more content like a job posting or upcoming events. Building connections can be a great way to be more active. Connections can come from prospective companies or even current co-workers. 

Hope you find these tips helpful friends. 


-Iesha M. 


I know I'm not the only one who has a LinkedIn account. It's the "go to" social platform to network find jobs, build partnerships, and promote business ventures. But, does having a LinkedIn profile add to your network or net worth? 

I think this such a trick question. I know people who have really benefited from LinkedIn. Like my roommate, she was looking for a career move about six months ago. She was applying and applying but nothing seemed to pan out. Until one day, a recruiter from one of the most recognizable brands in the world DM'ed her on LinkedIn. The company was going through a huge transition, and needed to hire people to assist with that and they chose HER! Within a month she had the job. 

But on the other hand, I know people who have put a lot of work in designing their LinkedIn profile. They have taken the time to reach out to others, apply for jobs, and make connections. But haven't gotten the results my roommate got. So does it help? I guess it just depends on the person and profile. What companies are reaching out and the luck of the draw. Do you guys have any LinkedIn success stories, or disappointments? Let us know, we would love to talk about it. 



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