Does your social media define you?

Am I the only one that feels like social media defines us? It doesn't matter if you're a doctor, teacher, rapper, hair stylist, or even the President of the United States you use social media. And whether good or bad, a lot people will judge you by what you post. I know you read/seen those countless stories of clerks to executives and CEO's getting fired for behavior and opinions posted online. It's serious. it's even to the point where when I apply for jobs, the company asks for my social media outlets. Like damn, can I have my privacy?? 

And the answer to that is a whopping, NO. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to make it seems like I don't like social media. Because I do! It has been a great resource for connecting me to jobs, clients, and our audience for #AITOO. Oh, and the original intended purpose of keeping me connected to my friends and family. However, you do have to be very particular with what you choose to share online. 

You can't complain about privacy, when every detail about your life is posted. You have to create a social space that you are comfortable with, and try not to post things that will jam you up professionally or personal. Social Media can be the start of your career, a portfolio for your work, your best networking tool, or a series of awkward situations with your followers and whoever sees it. My best advice is, do on Snapchat it vanishes into thin air in 24 hours.




Am I the only one who thinks that social media is both good and bad? It has it's benefits but it can also be a major downfall. Social media allows us to give the world a snapshot of our lives - and from there people can determine their opinions of us based off how we portray ourselves. That's where things tend to get a little complicated. 

Personally, I've never shown every aspect of my life on social media because I value my privacy. Most importantly, as I mentioned above, people who watch your social media channels have the right to create whatever opinions they want of you based off of how you portray yourself. Should you worry about what people think of you? No. But when it comes to your credibility, once that is damaged people will never forget it. 

This is especially important when it comes to an employer. I mean, really think about it. When you find yourself Instagram or Facebook "creepin" you have your mind made up about every person based off of what you are shown. Why wouldn't this still stand for an employer? Is it fun to always censor yourself because you're worried about an employer? No. But social media isn't everything and years from now you'll realize that most of these posts aren't as important as we make them out to be. 

Has your job or a potential job been in jeopardy because of your social media etiquette? 



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