Eating Healthy On A Budget

Am I The Only One who has to really plan out my week to eat healthy? I’m busy, like everybody else so it takes really putting aside some time to make sure I’m on the right track. I decided about a month ago that I wanted to eat better, and in the long run save some money in the process.

So, I started to go grocery shopping almost every Sunday to get myself prepared for the week. I would get fruit, yogurt, cereal, popcorn and make two healthy meals that would last two days each. I would spend about $20 a week on this, shopping at Pete’s Fresh Market and Jewel Osco (whole food and treasure island not in the budget lol). I felt good about this because I work in downtown Chicago, where one meal is easily $10. If I added that, including breakfast and snacks it added up to about $300 a month. That’s A LOT of money, that I could be saving or using for a flight deal.

Also, planning out my meals, and grocery shopping has been great for my body. I feel much more energized, and light.It’s been a task to set aside the time to make sure I’m prepared for the week, but it’s definitely been worth it. If your considering changing your diet on a budget, just remember proper planning is key!


Am I The Only One who feels like eating healthy on a budget is nearly impossible when you are trying to focus on work, building your own business, school, friends, family, etc? I've been trying to stay on the healthy track for sometime now and it's been a struggle when you are always on-the-go. Not only do I need to eat healthy so I can have abs by my next vacation but eating healthy fuels my body for the week ahead when I'm juggling work, my business, blogging, family and friends.

Your body can't run off of processed foods and you sometimes start to feel it (fatigue, acne, mood swings and more). But let's be honest, who really has time to build out a meal plan every single day when you can easily pick up food while you're out and about?

I've tried numerous techniques over the years that have helped me stay on track to reach my goals. Some of them I've stuck to and some of them were only good for a short period of time. Everyone has their own preferences but hopefully one help you:

1. HelloFresh. This is a subscription service that I'm trying out right now and it's been super helpful when it comes to making sure I don't order takeout at night and keeping my dinners exciting. You just pick your meals for the week and HelloFresh will send you all the ingredients you need. The cost per week is about equal to the amount I would spend at the grocery store shopping for 5 days of food.  

2. Grocery Shopping Service. Using a grocery shopping service like InstaCart or Shipt will help you save time on trips to the grocery store and more time getting other things done. I used this service more so during my time in Chi City and it saved my life numerous times. You just send your grocery list to your preferred service and they'll delivery your groceries to you. Talk about new age grocery shopping. 

3. Amazon Prime/Prime Pantry. I can't tell you how many times Amazon Prime really made my life 10 times easier. Not just groceries but when I ran out of my favorite cleaning and beauty products and didn't have time to run to the store, Amazon Prime's 2-day shipping saved the day. You can find numerous healthy snacks in the Amazon Prime Pantry that can help you stay on track and bring you closer to your healthy eating goals. 

Friends, what other strategies do you use to continue eating healthy on a budget? 

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