Finding A Mentor

Am I The Only One who thinks finding a mentor is awkward? Don't get me wrong, mentorship is valuable in career and personal progression. However, how do you find somebody you admire and basically say "Can you help me get my life together?". That's pretty intense, but I have a couple of tips that might help ease the tension. 

1. Do your research! 

When you've pinpointed your potential mentor, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make sure you know who they are, and what they have done! You can't admire someone, or want them to share their experience if you have no clue what that is. 

2.Have a purpose! When you approach your potential mentor, make sure you know what you want from the relationship. Is it just advice, Q & A sessions, coffee dates, career advisement, sponsorship etc. Be knowledgeable, clear, and purposeful. 

3. Bring value to their life! Mentorship is not a one-sided relationship. You also have to hold your weight, and bring value into your mentor's life. You should aim to grow with your mentor, and offer as much as receive. 

I hope this help friends, what are your techniques? Let us know below, 



Am I The Only One who didn't know how to look and approach someone about a mentorship? Like Tamika said, it can feel a bit awkward telling someone that you basically admire them, their work and you think they could add much value to your life. Truth is though, having a mentor is not only great for your career, mentors also give you great overall life advice. So if you're looking for a mentor, take a deep breath he and try these different approaches

Look for someone you already have built a relationship with. It could be a professor, a work colleague or even someone you've reached out to and developed a relationship with overtime. You don't have to start from scratch, your mentor could be right under your nose. 

Reach out to someone you've looked up to. This approach is not always guaranteed but it's worth a try. If you notice there is someone in your field that you've always admired, try reaching out to them. Ask them out for a cup of coffee, a brief phone call or even a quick lunch. Don't forget to remain patient and consistent. It may take a little bit longer to build a relationship with someone that you don't know. 

Look for someone at your current workplace. Why not ask someone that you already work under. This person has walked in your shoes and is hopefully in the position that you'd like to be in one day. Not only is this an easy win because you have already built a relationship but this person understands where you are coming from. 

Friends, where else have you found a mentor? 



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