Gearing Up For The Second Half of 2018: Checking In On Your Goals

Am I The Only One who is surprised that August is right around the corner? Mid-year snuck up too fast - we were just toasting to the beginning of 2018! 

When I think about how quickly the year has gone by, I instantly get anxious.

I start thinking about what I haven't been able to accomplish this year and how little time I have to reach my goals. 

It's easy to get down on yourself and start doubting what your capable of, but self-sabotage is definitely not the way to get things done. Here's how you can get organized and back on track before the year is over: 

Write down your goals where you can see them everyday. There's just something about writing down your goals that turns them into law. But when you can see your goals everyday, that takes everything to a new level. Try sticky notes on your bedroom wall or a dry erase board. The purpose isn't to remind you of what you haven't accomplished but it will help you keep those goals in mind each day. 

Map out a timeline for your goals. Having goals is one thing, but actually mapping out what it takes to reach each goal will help you get a better idea of how long it should take to knock the item off of your list. Mapping out this timeline in your planner or a large calendar that you can hang on your wall can help you stay on track. If you fall a little behind, remember to be kind to yourself. 

Be patient with yourself and your goals. Rome wasn't built in a day, that said, it may take longer than a year to build your empire. Accomplishing a major goal can often take longer than you anticipated and factors that can draw out the process are often out of our control. Everything we want, will happen when the time is right and if it happens any sooner than what we anticipated we might not be ready for it anyway.


Let’s face it, as sad as it is summer is over. It really feels like it came and went without any warning. Now, I could keep complaining about the seasons changing but I’ll stay on topic lol. This is around the time of year where we starting checking our goals for progress.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been exhausted all year and don’t know what you have to show for it.I would suggest taking some time to really BE STILL. Reflect on the year so far, I promise you’ve missed plenty of opportunities to pat yourself on the back.

For example, this year I said I wanted a new car and a new place. In the midst of everything that was going on I didn’t realize that I had both. I didn’t stop be grateful, or fully be present in the moment.

Friends, we don’t always give ourselves the credit we deserve. It’s definitely the wave to be humble, but not giving yourself the appreciation you deserve could be even worse. I’m saying all this to say, appreciate yourself and the good moments. And if you feel like you haven’t checked any goals off your list for the year we still have the 4th quarter! Close it out strong! 


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