Getting Grown: Adulting 101


Now that we've hit a pivotal age, we feel like we have a stronger understanding of how to be an adult and what comes along with that. We still got so much more life to live but after experiencing a few failures and successes, we're ready for whatever.  Here are some adulting lessons that we've learned along the way: 

Be selfish, know your boundaries - As someone who works hard and wants to be everything to all of my loved ones, I know firsthand what it's like to be stretched thin and pulled into multiple directions almost all the time. However, now that I've got more of a handle on my self-care routine, I know when to pull back. Setting boundaries isn't always easy, but you can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of you first. 

Pride never gets you anywhere - So many of the opportunities that I've received have come from me going after what I wanted. Whether that be asking someone to give me a chance on a job opportunity or asking for a friend's help when they have more experience than me. We don't always come with the tools we need to get to the next level or accomplish a goal - ask for what you need. 

You can't skip the grind - Everyone's journey is different and sometimes you do get lucky. I would venture to say that most of our journeys don't start off as a fairy tale. Most of us have to try and try again. Even when you do unlock another level in the game of life, the struggle can creep back up on you. That said, you can't skip the grind, its almost inevitable. 

Go get therapy - This was a big step for me this year! Its nerve wrecking, thinking about the work you have to put in to become who you want to be. But it is worth it! Clearing out your head, and sorting out your feelings will have a positive effect on all areas of your life.

Take care of your health - Take care of your WHOLE body. That means food, gym, organs, getting tested for STD/STI's, teeth, eyes, skin, hair and more. During my recent job hunt, I had a few months off and really sit still with my body and realized I was unhealthy. I wasn't eating the best, working out or sleeping enough. I got serious about getting on track, and haven't looked back. Also, please don't neglect those doctor appointments, health is wealth!

Be a good steward over your finances - Its no fun being broke and having debt! Sit down with your money, and make a plan. I learned in my financial class, a dollar that is not assigned will get lost. So in that same vain, I advise you to watch that pocketbook, save some, invest some, flip some!  

What other adulting life hacks have you learned? Let us know in the comments below. 


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