Graduation: I Wish I Knew Then...

May 10, 2014 at 9 am, I was fighting a hangover sitting in the convocation center waiting for my name to be called. Besides the slight feeling of nausea, I was overjoyed and excited to start what I thought would be my new life. I had it ALL planned out, I was going to graduate, get a job as a reporter, get a great apartment, get married and have kids. Seems simple enough right? WRONG! 

Let's fast forward two years (I really can't believe it's been that long), and almost none of that has happened! First of all, I don't want to be a reporter at all anymore. I found my passion in entertainment/media/events/public relations work, it literally lights my fire. I've fallen in and out of love, and haven't quite got engaged, married, or had kids yet. And that's ok; I'm certain that when it's meant for me to have a family, I will. In the meantime it's HUSTLE, HUSTLE,HUSTLE. But I did get that great apartment! I love my condo in Hyde park, it's my haven.

Moral of the story, Life Happens! I'm going to change my mind, curve balls will be thrown my way, and unexpected blessings will find me.I wish two years ago I embraced this truth. My transition was hard because I had unrealistic standards/expectations of myself. I didn't give myself any room to make mistakes. So friends, take my advice don't be so hard on yourself! Things will eventually fall into place, see it through (Sorry my inner Delta came out). 




Graduation will always be a day to remember. It's one of those monumental days in everyone's lives that stands between what we've become familiar with and the real world. We're surrounded by so much love on graduation day (which we should be) and on that day we are literally invincible. Or at least that's how I felt for that day and for a few weeks to come.

After graduation I knew I'd be heading to Chicago to attend grad school so I already had my next steps planned out. I still had my eyes set on getting a job while I was in school (doing the most, per usual). While I was looking for a job I realized I didn't have half the experience needed to get the positions that I wanted. I was defeated and I guess my expectations after graduation were a little too high. So I applied for a few internships and eventually landed a position at small firm. 

When I got to the firm I realized that the other interns were on the same path as me - just graduated and trying to figure this real world out. For me, life after graduation was like putting me back at the bottom of the food chain. It was also a time to learn because when I graduated I didn't know half the things I know now about my career and my industry. If I could tell 22-year-old self one thing about life after graduation it would be that It's okay to start at bottom, you'll eventually get there. You heard Drake (Started from the bottom)! 


Congratulations to everyone graduating this season whether it be from undergrad or the graduate level! 


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