Guest Blog: 5 Reasons Why You Should Give Up...

Life can be a bit frustrating from time to time. It seems as if there is more pressure to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life, rather than support for what you just want to do today. That pressure can leave us confused, lonely, misunderstood and like we have no control over our life. Often experiencing these feelings myself, especially throughout my process of writing my first memoir, has led me to giving up. And here’s why you should too...

1. You’ll detach from expected outcomes

Oh my goodness. I cannot stress how much we all have experienced scarcity in our thinking. We want a desired outcome and if it doesn't happen, our world has ended. If I get this job then this, but if not, then that. We settle for black and white. When truthfully our options and opportunities are unlimited. Especially when think in abundance, i.e. (there's always more). Don't get me wrong, it is le’ struggle, especially when you've done your due diligence towards something. But you limit yourself and create your own box (reality) when you attach yourself to one desired outcome. Word of advice, think of your “if it doesn't happen” outcome that you can be satisfied with, smile about it, and let that shit play out how it's going to happen.

2. You’ll realize that everything is already “perfect”

Giving up the idea that what you want has to become exactly just that. Give up your need to perfect every aspect in your life. Knowing that everything is exactly as it should be. It's okay to not have it all figured out. After all, you're still learning, remembering who YOU truly are.

3. You’ll stop disowning your journey

We all get frustrated while pursuing our goals and dreams. We have to remember that it's not the process, but our process.  We have to give up the superficial ideas of things going in order of that “10 step guide to manifesting financial abundance in 30 seconds” book that you read. By the way, I don’t know if it’s really a book called that, but trust and believe if it was that easy, errbody would be rich out this jawn. So c’mon, be for real. Like seriously, be real with yourself and own your shi!t and learn to take responsibility for the reality you created.

4. You’ll gradually stop worrying about who does or does not support you.

I’ma keep this simple…

People are entitled to their own interests. That said, everyone won’t be interested in what you have going on or share the same interests as you. Whether it be close friends or family, they are still people. Those who are for you, support you the way they know you need support. Those are the ones you focus on. Those who bring out the positive side out of you.

5. And lastly, you won’t always need to seek approval or a second opinion.

Awaiting the approval of others or second opinion is almost an insult to your intelligence. It damn near conditions you to doubt your judgement.

When you give up, you give yourself the chance to clear + ground your mind. Providing yourself flexibility in re-approaching your goals/dreams. You give yourself the chance to be free of anxiety and carrying your world and others on yourself.

Sometimes… You need to GIVE UP your need to know what's next, to control situations and people around you, comparing your life to others, and your limiting beliefs about your abilities.

-Tajhae Barr

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