Guest Blog: Never Stop,Never Settle: When You’re Destined For More

Before my days of living bicoastal I rented a room in the heart of Bedstuy Brooklyn and furnished it with Kmarts finest.

Long before I thought I would ever sit at the same table as Sean Diddy Combs I worked for a company that would forever stamp its mark on my journey.

Many ask how I got into this career thinking I hold more keys than khaled but truth be told I owe it all to Plaza College. My job at a crummy 4 story school located in Jackson Heights Queens taught me everything that I needed to know about navigating through the entertainment industry.

After 6 months post graduation and being apart of team broke my daily search for a source of income was real. The first two hours of every morning was dedicated to every job search engine that existed. I moved to NY despite everyone telling me not to and the mere fact that their predictions seemed to be coming true kept me going kept me pushing. I had been on interview after interview and all I became familiar with was NO.

One day I spotted a PR role on craigslist for what seemed to be an upright university. I applied and to my surprise got an interview for the next day.Despite my low confidence at the time I was able to deliver one of the best interviews of my life. In a week I was offered a position, but it was far from the one I applied for.

Admissions Counselor.

I walked through Times Square venting to nothing but the air. I was defeated, my ego was bruised, and at that moment I was ready to give my NY dream up. I was tired of fighting for a dream that just seemed so far out of my reach. I was sick of working tirelessly and not seeing any fruits of my labor. I was tired of the no’s when I deserved just one yes.

The thought of settling into a job that would take up so much of my time in a field not related to PR was not in the life I envisioned. It was so far left that I could not understand why God would even put this opportunity into my lap. It wasn’t until my sister let me learn something that made me humble myself to take on the role that would shape the rest of my career.

I worked at Plaza College four days out of the week (yes that included the weekend).  Working there came with an hour commute, ten-hour days, and $5 lunch budget.

I saw Plaza College as my private investor. They were the ones that would fund my dream until I could land a job in my field. I leveraged the stability that the job provided me to plant my feet in NY. Without that $15 an hour I wouldn’t have been able to rent that tiny room in Brooklyn or still intern for Lil Wayne’s company Trukfit.

Being in that environment made me uncomfortable and the lack of comfort made it almost impossible to settle. Many fail to realize including myself that putting ourselves in temporary uncomfort will fuel your dreams more than you will ever know. 

The crummy 4 story building taught me to work outside of the present towards the future that I envisioned. Taught me how to become crafty and figure out other ways to be apart of the PR industry. Most of all it taught me to not stop and not settle until I reached what I was destined for.

Irony of it all Chile Plaza College Fueled me then Fired my because when the universe wants you to make it everything will manifest on its own.

- Tomeka Kolleh

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