Have You Remained Active In Greekdom?

Am I The Only One that gets excited about the Founders Day Frenzy? That time in early January where every NPHC organization sits on the edge of their seats ready to rep their organization, throw shade at others or all of the above. No matter what act we choose to partake in, it's around this time that we are all reminded of why we committed to these esteemed brother and sisterhoods. 

Since my undergraduate years, I've been financially disconnected to my sisterhood, but have remained socially connected. Although I have not been financially active, I've learned the true meaning of sisterhood when I moved to Chicago and my sorority sisters there embraced me with open arms.

I now have long lasting relationships with like-minded, women that I may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

My post-graduate Greek experience has been tremendous, but one of my 2017 goals is to become financially active.  When we make that pledge to our organization, we make a lifetime commitment. But anyone with any knowledge of Greekdom should know that it can be extremely expensive to remain active, especially for a recent graduate. So, here are a few ways you can still put on for your team: 

1. Volunteer at events or service activities hosted by your org. 

2. Spend time giving back to your home chapter. 

3. Offer your expertise to a local chapter (ex. marketing, healthcare, legal services etc.) 

Friends, what other ways can you remain active in your organization? Let us know in the comments below. 



Am I The Only One that feels like Black Greek Lettered organizations still matter after college? I love my sorority! I'm not an financial member of a alumnae chapter, but I'm blessed to have a job that allows me to collaborate with my organization on the alumnae level very often. Besides the technical meaning of membership, I can honestly say Delta has helped me out even more since graduating college.

I've gotten networking and job opportunities, been able to meet people and see things that otherwise wouldn't have come so easy.But the most important gift it has given me is sisterhood.

I can honestly say my Sorors have been my support system through so much over these five years. I mean I can't count how many times they have been there for me in the clutch, lending their ears, hearts, homes and everything else to me. Delta is partly responsible for Am I The Only One, that very connection is what brought me and Iesha together.

With anything, "you get, what you give". So, if you feel like your commitment or value has dropped since college then your effort/interest may have too. A BGLO has so much to give, friendship, personal growth, and professional growth. But it really up to you if you want to tap into your network. Fellow Greeks, does your organization still matter to you?


- Tamika

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