Health Really is Wealth


Don't feel bad if you don't like to eat green things or hit the gym a few days a week - I have to bribe my fiance into eating a salad too. I've always been somewhat of a healthy eater but it wasn't until my overall health took a slight turn post-college during my move to Chicago that I started to change my eating habits. Whether it was the move to a new state that shocked my body or stress overall, I knew that I couldn't continue down the same path. 

From there, I started cutting more meats out of my diet and limiting my dairy intake (which is still a struggle for me) and increasing my greens on a daily basis. I also fell down a rabbit hole of following healthy lifestyle influencers and YouTubers. I wasn't able to afford a trainer until most recently but I've always gone to the gym at least once or twice a week. Now five years later, I'm no expert but I know what I need to do to keep my health on track. 

Healthy eating and fitness are only a component of living a healthy lifestyle. Your mental health is just as important. This is just my testimony and what led me to appreciate my body. Everybody's journey is different but waiting until it's too late to reverse any issues should never be an option. Take your time if you need, ease into it and go at your own pace. Also remember that everyone's body and needs are different so do what works best for you. 



So you know how we always say "Secure the bag"? I think we should shift that focus on ourselves. Because, how are we going to enjoy the fruits of our labor if we're sick? I got an extreme wake up call last year, when I quit my job. It really gave me the time to sit with myself, and boii was I unhealthy. 

I realized,  I need glasses, a better diet, regular exercise and therapy.

I was so stuck in the "hustle" that I was neglecting my health, not just physically but mentally too.

Once I really took this serious, I made myself a health plan. I just ordered my glasses last week! I'm excited to have clear vision. 

I've been going to my therapist, and she is amazing! Y'all, I done got in the gym and added all type of vegetables and ample amount of water to my diet. I've also been investing in my teeth, because they important lbs. I'm on the beginning of my health journey, and its hard BUT it is so worth it to live my best life, as the best version of myself.



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