How To Address Racism In The Workplace

Am I The Only One who has been completely drained by the events of this past week? My head space and mood, have been severely affected. I feel drained, stressed, angry, hurt, and tad bit helpless. With these emotions hanging on me heavy, the world is still moving. I still have to work, regardless of the state of the world. So the question now becomes, how do I continue to work while I feel so conflicted about almost everything. 

The answer to that, is not an easy one. I'm personally still figuring that out. Since my work week is non traditional (freelance), I had some wiggle room to begin the process of collecting my thoughts. And I will be honest, I got behind on a couple of things because I was consumed with my emotions and figuring out some type of action plan to help. I eventually transferred that energy into my projects. It actually gave me some steam to finish. 

Interacting with clients,and people in general was a challenge. It was hard to keep my emotions under wraps, in conversations with clients and colleagues. It took just a couple of more deep breathes, and pauses then usual. I think we won't be back to "normal" for awhile. And that's ok, don't feel pressured to be "FINE". Keep excelling in your career, but if you feel the need to speak up about the condition of black and brown people in this country do so. 



Am I The Only One who finds it difficult to have conversations around race in the workplace? With the recent events around police brutality and racism, it can be hard going to work and pretending like nothing is going on the world. For some people, having these conversations can be easy, especially when you are working in an environment where you are the majority. What about those people who are still the minority in the workplace? 

When I find myself dealing with issues that are tough to address in the workplace, I find it much easier to say what's on your mind rather than suppress those feelings. It can be hard being the minority and feeling like the issues you care about might not be a priority for others. Remember, they chose you for their team because you bring something different to the table. So bring that! You are there because you challenge perspectives. 

It may seem like it's easier to be silent, but it's actually way more exhausting. It's exhausting to hide your feelings and pretend as if nothing is wrong. Be liberated and be yourself unapologetically. If you are afraid to be yourself and have these types of conversations then maybe this environment isn't the right place for you. You should be able to feel comfortable with expressing yourself. Remember, they brought you to the table for a reason. 

How do you address racism in the workplace? 



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