How To Follow Up After An Interview

Am I the only one that finds it just a little awkward to follow up after an interview, or even after you submit your application/resume? It's like the weird time frame after the first date, when your trying to figure out if you should call first. In this situation I think it's normal to make the first move. But just like you would make that first call, it has to be as smooth as possible. So here are a few tips that might get you a call back. 

Outside of Thank You letters, remaining in constant contact with the people after the interview and before selection" - Ravon, Memphis, TN

1. ALWAYS check for misspellings, and punctuation errors. Nothing ruins a thoughtful follow up note, quicker than bad grammar. The potential employer may view that as sloppy, or rushed. 

2.ALWAYS address the potential employer with a Mr./Ms. title. I know this seems outdated, and most of HR people aren't even in their 30's. Don't take for granted people's sense of importance, addressing them in that manner makes them feel respected.

3.ALWAYS thank the potential employer for their time. To expand on my last tip, people like to fell important. By thanking them for their time, your showing them you value them, and ultimately their input. 

So there you have it, a couple of tips that might help you get to third base. Friends let me know what you think, and if I missed anything.




Am I the only one who still can't seem to find the secret formula to remaining rememberable after an interview? Don't get me wrong I've definitely landed a few jobs here and there and the tricks that I've used have worked in my favor. In other cases, not so much. So the conclusion that I've come to - there is no formula. Every interviewer has their own preferences, but there are a few standard rules that you should keep in mind when following up after an interview. 

I've only done personalized emails. In this case, less is always more. -Meresa, Detroit, MI 

1. Send A Thank You Note. The best way to stand out after an interview, is to send a thank you note via email. Why? It's courteous and shows how you much you appreciate the opportunity to be selected for an interview. If you really want to stand out, send a handwritten thank you note. Handwritten notes are often forgotten in today's society, so if you want to surprise your potential employer follow up the old fashion way. 

2. Ask To Meet With Your Potential Team Members. I always tread lightly when asking to meet with other members of the team but this is a technique I use when I want to go the extra mile. After the initial interview is over, I ask the interviewer if I it would be okay if I met with a few of the team members to get a better understanding of their job and their position with the company. This gives you another opportunity to meet with someone that could play a part in your hiring. 

3. Ask how you can improve. So you didn't land the job, now what? Politely ask the employer what you can improve upon. Even try staying in touch, so if another position becomes available they'll keep you in mind. One easy way to stay in touch can be by sharing recent news with your interviewer that may be relevant to the company. 

What other tips do you use to follow up after an interview? 



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