How We Spring Clean

Am I The Only One who loves Spring cleaning? The changing of the seasons, is my reminder to reevaluate  and take out the unnecessary. Every spring, I always do a deep clean. I did this last week, and I was SHOOK. Like my room is a decent size, but it isn’t big. But when I tell y ’all, I had so much stuff that I didn’t need or want just there taking up space. Like how could all this stuff, fit in such a small space and I didn’t notice it. This got me thinking about the areas in my life, where things are taking up unnecessary space.

So I decided to do some internal deep cleaning and boy was it crowded, lol. I had a lot of old feelings and scenarios still stuck in my mental.A few old mindsets and ways of doing things, that did not serve me.I was like wow, I’m just like this room. Small, but storing a lot of unnecessary thoughts, feelings and ways for no reason at all. So I cleaned up my mental, I really sat with myself and worked some things out. This is not to say, in that weekend all my problems were solved. But, it was a start and after all isn’t that what Spring is all about?


Am I The Only One, who holds on to feelings, harbor them and act on emotions? I can't help it I'm a Pisces. We take everything so personally and we are very sensitive. But Pisces aren't the only ones who get stuck in their head constantly - it's human nature. Sometimes I get so stuck in my head that I make up scenarios, jump to conclusions and even talk myself into doing (or not doing things) all because of my emotions. Well friends, if this sounds like you then there's no better time than the spring to wipe your slate clean and clear your head. Here's where you can start: 

Go to therapy. Yes, I said it and there's nothing wrong with tending to your mental health. We often think that you have to be clinically diagnosed with an illness or disease to go to therapy. Wrong! Going to therapy as helped me stop making so many scenarios about me, because it's not. When we find ourselves in a tense situation with a colleague, loved one or friend sometimes it's simply not about you but where the other person is in their life. 

Evaluate your relationships. It's not always easy to do but it has to be done. No matter how long you've been able to maintain some of your friendships, if they aren't serving you then it might be time to let them go. For those relationships that you can't seem to pull away from, know when to give yourself a break. Remember, it's about protecting your peace. 

Do what makes your happy. You'd be surprised at how much happier you are when pursue your passions. Working towards something that doesn't make you happy can be very draining and it makes it hard to get out of bed every single day. If you aren't happy with the direction you are going start moving toward the life you'd like to live. You don't have to get there tomorrow. Just start somewhere and start getting rid of what doesn't serve you. 

Friends, working towards all of these things are much easier said than done, I know. But you have to start somewhere and once you keep going working, it will start to become a habit.

A habit then turns into a lifestyle. How are you spring cleaning this season? 


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