I Just Got My Passport!

Heyyyyyy y’all! I’m Luckey; digital content manager by day, certified hot girl by night (all jokes, kind of). But serious question, am I the only one that just got my passport? At 27, I felt like I was super late to the game. My homegirls Tamika and Iesha are the international jet-setters. I’m usually the one city hopping domestically. In all honesty, I’ve always wanted to explore the world beyond America, but I never got around to applying for a passport. Neither of my parents have ever left the country either, so I was also a little intimidated to leave all I’ve ever known. 

Earlier this year, Tamika sent out invitations to her European excursion. This time, I wouldn’t be left out. I wanted to experience really dope shit with my friends and stop watching from the sidelines so, I got a passport. Of course, like many other things, I waited until the last minute. Can y’all believe I got my passport 12 days out from my trip?! If those people would’ve denied me, not only would I have wasted all that money, but Tamika would’ve surely murdered me for sending her to Europe solo. 

To prep for the trip, I was super organized and strategic. I had a legit list (with pictures) of what I was wearing every day, along with the shoes, handbags, and accessories I needed to pack. The one thing I forgot, was pajamas. Which, in theory makes sense because I don’t wear pajamas to bed. *mind y’all business, I’m grown*I was able to fit everything into one duffle bag and a small suitcase, so I think I did pretty good; because ya’ girl travels heavy with the luggage.

On our little European tour, we hit Rome, Italy; Athens, Greece; and Santorini, Greece. 


I spilled all of the details on my latest blog, My First International Trip, on

In short, I highly recommend that if you don’t have one, go get your damn passport. Europe was literally one of the best trips of my life! I’m so blessed and honored to have friends that are willing to share amazing experiences like this with me. 

Never be afraid of exploring new territory, even here in the states. Go somewhere you may not usually frequent, even if you have to go alone. Open your mind and heart to receive the adventures that life has waiting for you! I know for me personally, this is just the beginning of many international trips I’ll be taking. Super thankful to my sis for bringing me out of my comfort zone! 

- Marquan Luckey

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