Let's Stay Together: How Millennials Are Killing Divorce

Finally! Someone is pointing the finger at millennials for something good. According to TIME magazine, our demographic has caused the divorce rate to go down by 18 percent between 2008 and 2016. Its super early to be excited about a statistic that is less than 50, but I’m happy to see that this generation is finally being recognized for something positive - although, I’m sure someone will find a way to spin this.

When statics are released, it's often hard to believe whether the numbers are true, especially when they aren’t relevant to your personal life. But I can believe this statistic because I am living it everyday and so are my friends and thousands of other millennials. Older generations were pressured to get married and create a family as if those were the only things we were put on this earth to do. And what did all of that pressure lead to? Broken families.

Unlike the generations before us, most millennials understand the importance of being the best version of yourself before adding more layers. Don’t get me wrong, family and love are both beautiful accomplishments! However, we now have so many examples of individuals who created their families later on, showing us that its possible to have it all (love and a successful career). Putting off marriage and family doesn’t mean that it will be easier later, but there is chance that you will be more confident in your decisions given your wisdom and experience.

It doesn’t matter when you decide to tie the knot, what’s most important is that we are reversing so much of what was wrong.

We got this y'all. 




It's exciting news to hear millennials are shrinking the divorce rate! As a millennials who plans to get marry one day, this is music to my ears. I have a few theories on why this is.

Many millennials, including me are focused on establishing themselves professionally and financially before starting a family. The older I get, my thinking towards dating and marriage changes. I understand that marriage isn't just about love, and I would be taking on more than just a last name. Also,I've noticed an attitude of pacing yourself. Slowing down to really get to know someone, and make sure that this a person you see yourself being with long term. And lastly, a lot millennials are focused on getting to know themselves on a deeper level. Dealing with their past traumas, family dynamics, etc. Wanting to become whole, and secure in themselves before committing to another person.

I'm sure there are a million reasons more why were having success in marriage, we're doing some things right! Hats off to us, let's toast to many more millennial accomplishments and reshaping America!


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