Love Life & Successful Career: Can You Have It All?

The age old question, Is it really possible to have it ALL. When I say all, I'm taking about a thriving career, a healthy romantic relationship, and balanced social life. That seems like so much, in this busy world that we live in. From my personal experience, I can say unashamed that I have tried and I have failed. But I do still believe that it's possible. I think where I went wrong was balance, I didn't have the right pieces to my puzzle. 

I was, and still am career driven. So that means, I work a lot!! Being a freelancer, you really have to put yourself out there, so you can get projects. So most days are spent at networking events, actual work events, or at home finishing projects. So with a busy schedule it was a hard to maintain a healthy dating relationship, but at the time I was willing to put forth the effect to "figure it out". However, my "friend" had his own set of "things to figure out" that ultimately split us up. I learned a lot from this relationship, and I appreciate the lessons learned. 

And in between, all this life happening it leaves little room for the people I truly LOVE. Like, my family and friends. I am blessed to have gained some amazing relationships in last twenty four years, that I truly cherish. But sometimes, it gets difficult to maintain them. I try to call, and spend time as much as I can. But sometimes it gets a little difficult for me to maneuver, so I would like to publicly let y'all know that I LOVE Y'ALL! I really really really do, I'm just trying to figure out my balance. I'm still in a trial and error period, but I know my pieces will all fit in, in due time. 




Am I the only one who thinks it’s hard to keep a good balance between your love life and your career? Although, it’s hard I think it is attainable. Being a millennial definitely doesn’t make this any easier. As millennials, we’re told “the world is yours” and that the possibilities are endless. We’re told to work hard and take advantage of all the opportunities that come our way. Of course we do all of those things and we often get tied up trying to strive for those goals and obtain the success that everyone keeps telling us we deserve.

Being so early off in our careers, it can feel like a constant battle between working to establish ourselves and managing our relationships. To have a successful career and love life, both partners need to have an understanding of what their goals are from the beginning. When it comes to dating someone who is early off in their career, there will be a lot of highs and lows but both partners need to remain supportive and respect the grind. Dating in your 20’s can be extremely hard especially if you are dating someone who hustles just as hard as you and someone who is just as hungry for success.

Back in undergrad I was an intern for a radio station in Detroit and I worked under a lady, who was one of the personalities at the station. I always looked up to her because she was very successful, she worked hard and never settled for anything less than perfection. She once told me “People think that just because you work hard at your job and that your successful, you can’t have a happy relationship. I don’t think that’s true. I think it’s possible to have it all.” I never forgot that conversation that we had. Fast forward to today, she is now married and just recently had her first child. She was right.

Right now everything is moving so fast for us and we feel the pressure of having everything happen RIGHT NOW. Everyday we are learning that it takes time for some of these things to fall into place. A little patience goes a long way.

What do you think is it possible to have a successful relationship and career? 



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