Making The Big Move To a New City

Am I the only one who dreams of moving to another city, and completely taking it over? I know I do all the time, I was actually "supposed" to move to New York City after graduation. My last semester of undergrad, I decided I wasn't ready for the real world just yet. I didn't want to go to graduate school, and I didn't want to start working. So I thought, hmmm what can I do to further my career and still have a sense of "freedom". I started to doing research for post graduate programs that would give me this balance. I decided City Year would be a great fit. A year of commitment bettering a select city's school system, while being feed and paid, full insurance, and a cell phone. I thought it would be a sweet deal. 

I applied, and got accepted! I was on my way to New York City, so I thought. About 6 weeks before graduation,I found roommates and a place in the city. I was so ready to be Carrie Bradshaw and live out my "Sex in the City" dreams. When my regional manager called me telling me that my assignment was in Brooklyn. I anticipated Harlem, because my roommates got assigned to the Bronx. That was DEVASTATING news because we were assigned job placements 2 hours apart! I pleaded to my manager to please move me closer to my roommates, he didn't. So I had to make the big decision not to go. My housing situation fell through, had no new roommates. I was hurting!!!

Fast Forward two years, I got an opportunity to work with Fashion Week Brooklyn. I will be going to "Brooklyn" in two weeks, the very place I was assigned to back in 2014. Isn't it crazy how life comes full circle? Who knows, maybe I will be living out my own version of Carrie Bradshaw "Sex in the City" chronicles in no time. Cross your fingers for me friends! 




Am I The Only One who thinks that moving to a new city should be encouraged? After graduation I made the big move to Chicago.  No family and no friends but I was connected to a few associates. Still, moving four and a half hours away was a big move because I wouldn’t be near anyone that I was close with. That was a bit scary, but I quickly turned off my fears and turned on my determination.

One thing that I can say about being in a new city is that it forces you to be independent and you have to make a lot of hard decisions on your own. It forced me to hustle and make ends meet because I didn’t have anyone to turn to. I also had time to learn more about myself by being away from so many people that had such a major impact on my life. Moving away forced me out of my comfort zone but it also helped me learn things about myself that I might not have learned otherwise.

There were times when I was very lonely but it got better! You know me. I didn’t come to a new city to not enjoy myself. I started joining organizations, which helped fill up my schedule. I connected with my sorority sisters in the area, I found two cool roommates and from there my social life in Chicago took off. It wasn’t easy being surrounded by people that I didn’t know, but C’est la vie. I stopped letting doubt cloud my thoughts and enjoyed where I was in that moment and time.

When anyone comes to me and talks about moving away, I always encourage them to take the journey because I’ve been there. It definitely won’t be easy at first but it will eventually get better.  Friends, are you thinking about moving to a new city? Let us know your thoughts.



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