Millennials Habits We are Bringing into 2019 and Ones We are Leaving Behind

What We Are Leaving in 2018

Settling, because you're bored 

We've all been there! It's Friday night, your phone is dry and you know your ex is just one FaceTime away. As tempting as it is, DON"T DO IT. Its not going to lead to anything but old feelings bubbling up, just to be reminded of why y'all didn't work in the first place. Just let it be. 

Not going with the flow 

We know, we aren't the only ones who have looked up in a situation (job, relationship, project) and thought "wait, this is not what we wanted". Time is going to pass rather or not we ask questions, establish boundaries or make exceptions. Take hold of the situations you're apart of, and demand the direction or you will continue to drift along aimlessly. 

Being lazy

It's easy to do nothing. But this year, let's spice it up! Push yourself for more, really dig deep and see what you can pull out and create. Time management and discipline are the two things we struggle with, but we really believe they're the key to the next level. So friends join us on this journey of living out our full potential. 

Underestimating yourself

Sometimes it's hard to believe in yourself. But, it's a small investment that could change everything. One thing we've started to do, is make posted notes with the greatness we want to see in our lives and say it out loud. This has helped us think and dream bigger for our lives. You should try it! 

What We Are Bringing Into 2019

Going to therapy 

Talking about mental health has become more and more common within the last few years. You can thank millennials for that. Our generation has made it our responsibility to break the stigma and shame that comes with talking about taking care of yourself. We've even taken it a step further by talking to licensed professionals. We're on our way to break generational curses - let's keep that up. 

Quitting jobs that don't feel right

Unlike the generations before us, we're questioning our experiences in the workplace and challenging what may be considered the norm. When it doesn't feel right, the job has to go. If we have to bounce around a few times before we find the right fit, that's just fine. We're putting our happiness before a paycheck. 

Booking flights when we want 

We want to see and experience the world! Even if that means paying rent a few days late or eating Ramen noodles for a week straight to make sure the booking fees are covered. We're seeing places that our ancestors dreamed of. What's most important is that we are setting an example for generations to come. 

Starting our own business

Last but most certainly not least, let's continue to turn our passion projects into our full-time jobs. We've noticed that their is really no difference between established entrepreneurs and us; they just decided to go after their dreams. Even if we have to pick up two and three side hustles to pay the bills, we're making it happen and building legacies. 

Its 2019! We made it to another year, but let's not make it a repeat. *Cues* Ciara's Level Up, lets combine these tips to make it our best year yet! n

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