Networking Through GroupMe: The New Trend?

I know I'm not the only one, who knows we live in a digital driven society. We do almost everything on an app. I know I pay bills, transfer money, shop, apply for jobs, buy tickets, order food and much more; right from my phone. You could even use it to network, through this little blue app called GroupMe. I know alot of us have it, and use it majority of the day. It definitely helps you get through work with funny memes,and constant conversation but it might also be the "new plug". 

I'm an avid user of GroupMe, like most of my friends. So I spend a decent amount of time conversing on the app. Then one day, it hit me! GroupMe can be an potential way to connect/network with people that I haven't met personally yet,but were in my social network. This idea would get me further than I could have thought. 

I'm in multiple Greek GroupMe's, and in one of them was a guy who worked for a popular beverage company. I decided that I wanted to do some marketing for that company. We met before, at few social gatherings so we had a slight background.

I sent him a direct message, letting him know that I was interested in the company. He sent me a DM right back with all the info for the market manager, and within two weeks I was hired. I was surprised, and happy about the outcome I got from a simple DM. 

Since that DM, I've been added to multiple networking GM's for Media professionals. I also started to use GroupMe for the planning and collaborations we have coming up for AITOO (so stay tune, we want you guys there). Moral of the story, ALWAYS NETWORK! You never know, you could be getting your next check from a DM. 




Am I The Only One who didn't realize the mass network I was connected to through GroupMe? 

In college I was added to many different GroupMe groups after I crossed into Greek Life, but never really took them seriously until I moved to Chicago. When I moved to Chicago I was LOST! I barely knew a soul. Luckily I know a few people who were interested in creating a space on GroupMe for kids like myself. 

Before I knew it I was in a few groups with other young professionals/grad students from all across the Chicago area. I was connected to a lot of different people with different perspectives and 1000 different connections. All at my fingertips. 

Before I was just using the groups to be social and finding out where the next kick it was. I mean can you blame me? But when I did need professional advice, that was one of the main resources I could turn to. Think about it. That was the quickest way to get substantial advice from other young professionals. I even found myself giving a few recommendations from time to time. 

Like Tamika said, use your network. Even the networks that aren't always apparent. We've been able to use so many valuable connections that have helped us launch our own blog. We're even planning our first event by using GroupMe right now. If you don't belong to a group, start your own! It's amazing how our world is so virtual now and how easily we can be connected to so many people that can advance our careers and personal lives. Take advantage of it friends! 



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