Post-Election Thoughts

Am I the Only One who feels like the atmosphere hasn't been right since President Elect Trump won the election? Honestly, my energy has been way off and my mind has been all of over the place. The reality under a Trump administration brings feelings of uncertainty, rage, fear, and just all over heaviness. It's so many layers to this situation, that it's overwhelming for me to think about sometimes. Like the blatant disrespect of so many marginalized groups, celebrities endorsing him, the media normalizing white supremacy, friends/associates conflicting views, rising hate crimes, and they day to day tensity of just existing as a minority. 

It's literally enough to drive me crazy! What I can say it has done for me personally, is to really get my ducks in a row. I've been reviewing my fiances, and my credit to put myself in the position where I can comfortably support myself and my family. I've been reading more than ever, spreading what I know and learned to the people closest set to me. Really educating myself on policy, human/civil rights. I feel like under this administration it will be critical for us to support each other and unite. We literally have too!

Although, the state of this country is in the hands of man that runs on hate, disrespect, failed business ventures, and inexperience. I'm sure that if we pull together, we can survive this term and change the government one vote at a time. And when I say that, I mean EVERY election. 

We vote directly for mayors, state representatives, aldermans, governors, and mostly importantly senators who make up the electoral college! Which has the final say in the presidential election. So please, please, please do your research and educate yourself on candidates and hold them accountable to represent you!



Am I The Only One who was completely heartbroken after finding out the results of this year's election? Don't get me wrong, I was never completely sold on Hillary Clinton but I was rooting for her and the glass ceiling that she nearly shattered. I had no faith in Trump's ability to unite, lead and bring comfort to our country - and I still don't. Like most people, I wasn't disappointed in the fact that Hillary lost to a narcissistic man, I was disappointed in the hateful people that supported him and the type of culture they want for our country. I'm not surprised that people choose to live with a pre-civil rights mindset, but it hurts to know that people don't want to see progress. Now that the damage has been done, it's time for us to move forward.

Those that rooted for Trump's victory would love to see us stagnant and this is not the time to give them that satisfaction.But how do you make an impact when you feel like you're just a small piece of this puzzle?If you are pro-choice, volunteer at a local women's clinic. If you support the ACA, read up on legislation that could prevent it from being repealed. If you support the life of immigrants, volunteer with an organization that supports their transition. These may seem small but they are little things that can keep these initiatives moving forward if our leaders choose not to support them. The time is now for us to show just how much power the people truly have and how we can continue to move our country forward on love, unity, diversity and understanding. 



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