Setting Goals for 2016

Hi friends, 

It's Iesha! Tamika and I know that we are not the only ones that have ever said "New year, new me"?! As corny as that may sound, that concept is pretty legit. As the new year approaches, it's common to look back over the past 12 months and analyze what went wrong. This time around take a second to also reflect on what went right and what you did to make everything go right.

Reflecting on last year around this time I was living in my studio apartment in Chicago, busting my butt in graduate school and anticipating the last day of my winter internship. I searched high and low for other opportunities to follow my temporary position. I stepped out of my comfort zone, attended networking events and made so many connections. Weeks passed, still no job and I had no idea what I would do if I could not land another gig. I could not fathom the idea of the unknown! But that time forced me to push myself and I learned the art of networking. I also gained much more than just a network, I gained relationships with people that left an impact not only on my career but my life. This year, I landed a new job back in Detroit working on projects and issues that effect the people and the city that I hold near and dear to my heart. Looking back, I had no idea how things would work out. That goes to show you that life will take you on a journey but with patience, hard work and dedication, everything can turn in your favor. 

The new year also brings a clean slate and a chance for you to put the right energy into everything that you want to be yours in 2016. Before the new year gets too far from us, think about about everything that you want to happen for you and for those around you throughout the year. Claim it! Speak everything into existence, but don't just speak it. Believe it. So with that being said, let's all BOSS UP in 2016! I hope you are excited to hear from Tamika, she'll also share some tips we put together that will help you plan for the year ahead. 




Hi Friends! 

Tamika here! I know I'm not the only one who's ever heard the phrase "What a difference a year can make"? The last 12 months of my life have been a complete world wind; on a personal, professional, and financial level. As crazy and unpredictable as this year has been for me, I've managed to get some of my major goals accomplished like moving into my first apartment in the city, buying a car, securing streams of income, starting a blog, joining professional organizations, and start a savings plan. I credit my accomplishments to the Grace of God, and good planning. I religiously write, plan, and cross out all my goals, hopefully my method can help you too...

Write it Down!

It's true, we live in a digital world but the power of putting pen to paper is unmatched! 

Plan it out! Think about each step and what it will take to reach that goal. Create a timeline and set deadlines to hold yourself accountable. Try buying a new pretty 2016 planner/calendar (or a sleek one for all of our guys), to help you get motivated about the new year ahead. Who doesn't get excited about new planners?! 


The only thing that can stop you, is you! Don't get discouraged this year and be patient, just because something doesn't happen when you thought it would, that doesn't mean that it wont happen. Give it time. Stick to it and remember, your success is not only for you but for everyone connected to you. You will get there when the time is right for you and and when it's right for everyone around you. 

What helps you get ready for a new year? Share your tips, we want to hear. 



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