Setting Goals For 2017

Am I The Only One who lives by the term "new year, new me"? As corny as the phrase may be, the concept is genius. The new year is a perfect time to reevaluate, set, and put your goals in motion. It's really something in the air around this time of year, that gives me a clear focus on the future and reflection of the year that has passed. Let me share some tips that have helped me materialize my goals in 2016, that I'm taking to 2017 with me.

Set Some Goals, what do you want your life to look like? Write it down, you have the power to mold your life into your version of success. I don't say these worlds lightly because just simply writing your goals down, won't make them magically appear. However this is a start, to clearly write out what you want. So you can put together a plan to go get it. 

Detailed Action Plan, it is very important that you create steps to achieve your goals. What does your goal need for you! What has really been helpful for me has been deadlines, I put them on everything. It puts a sense of urgency on your progress, as well as making you accountable. 

Prayer Map, I wouldn't have accomplished anything if it wasn't for the Lord this year or any other time in my life. Our journey of accomplishing your goals, their will be road blocks. And it literally no better place to get advice from about your situation than the bible. It literally comments about every situation. It has given me direction, comfort, and peace along my goal setting journey. 

How do you stay on track to reh your goals friends? Let us know below. 



Am I The Only One who gets a little nervous about heading into a New Year? I can honestly say 2016 was a really great recovery from the turbulence that took over in 2015. I got to travel to Paris, Washington, D.C., Toronto and Puerto Rico. I also launched a new business hosted two pop-ups in Detroit and found my cozy apartment in downtown Detroit. I mean how can I really top that?! 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets nervous about a new year and thinking about how I can elevate even higher. After realizing how great 2016 was, I looked back on what made it so great and how I can try to bring that into 2017. I wrote down my goals and intentions. I owe that preparation to my amazing prophyte who put me on Susan Conway's new year workbook. I literally wrote down my intentions for 2016 from start to finish. Although I didn't accomplish all the things I wrote down in the workbook, I still got to experience things that were much better than what I had in mind for myself. 

Through that experience, I found out how powerful writing your intentions down can be. Even if you don't accomplish exactly what you write down, you are still on your way to something great by setting this goal and changing your mindset. Writing these goals down keep them fresh in your memory and at the forefront of your mind. It worked for me in 2016 and I'm hopeful for a part two in 2017. 

How are you setting goals for the New Year? 



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