Should you leave the nest?

Am I the only one who thinks there are many benefits of living at home with your parents/guardian? But, the need for privacy and freedom sometimes out weigh those benefits. Everyone's home situation is different, but if your parents are anything like mine, then you always came home to a full fridge and food on the table. Who can complain about that? Living with my parents, I also got tons of financial and emotional support if I needed it. Still winning, right? But the transition to moving back under my parents roof after being on a college campus followed by living in a big city all on my own was far from easy. 

I was used to coming and going as I pleased, having friends over when I wanted, making decisions without anyone's influence and walking around my apartment in just my undies (you do it too). Sometimes the price of having piece of mind outweighs all the benefits of moving back home, or at least I saw it that way. If you're finding yourself in the same boat, here's how you can prepare yourself for the big move: 

1. Stack, stack and then stack some more. Is living under your parents roof fun? No, but it gives you an opportunity to live rent and bill free. Without any financial commitments, you can save your money for your next move. When the time comes for you to move, you'll be in a good place financially instead of playing catch up the entire time. 

2. Remember, this situation is only temporary. Is this situation ideal? NO. But tons and tons of recent graduates are opting for living at home, so you're not alone. Not everyone will move out on their own right after college and that's okay. Remind yourself everyday that this situation will not last forever and that this is only a small portion your life. So much more lies ahead of you. 

Do you think living at home is better than living on your own? 




Am I the only one that wants the financial benefits of staying at home, but the privacy of having your own spot? I have done both, and they come with their own major pros and cons. When I graduated from college, I moved back home with my mom. It was cool for the first couple of weeks, but it got really old really soon. Coming from college, where I had my own apartment having all these rules to follow were really pressing me. I was definitely not use to all the questions, "where you at", "who you with", "when you coming back" etc. And my mom is petty, so she would lock the door when I stayed out real late to see who I was with (lol). Needless to say, I got on the job/apartment hunt real soon. That uncomfortable situation gave me the fuel to literally "get a move on".  

I absolutely LOVED my apartment in the city! In my eyes it was perfect, it was more than an apartment for me. It was like a milestone, I felt "grown up". Although I had some of thee BEST times in that place, it wasn't cheap. Your dream place, comes with not so dreamy bills (a lot of them). It was a big adjustment for me, because I never been the position to pay major bills like those that came with my place (and car!). It really made me more responsible, and made my hustle increase by a MILLION. Although the bills were no fun, a lot of good came from that move. My mom and I are home girls now! Some space did our relationship some good. I learned sooooo much about myself, and made sisters out of friends, and had some of the most epic nights of my life! So friends tell me what you think, are you staying at home or striking out on your own? 



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