Summer Survival Checklist

Summer! The time we’ve all been waiting for is finally showing its face (kinda/a little bit). To celebrate, we made y’all a go to summer checklist. Check it out below, 

  • Passport - Summer is peak travel time and although traveling starts to get expensive around this time of year, it's still possible to find a good flight deal for a getaway. Keep your passport handy just in case. A weekend in Canada is always an option for our Detroit friends as well. 

  • Good Books - Whether your traveling or relaxing at home, this a great opportunity to knock a few books off of your reading list. With the temperatures heating up, you can also head outdoors to change up the atmosphere. 

  • Music Playlist - There's nothing worse than having an impromptu barbecue or gathering at your place and you can't figure out which Pandora station will keep the vibes right. Stay prepared by creating your own playlist on a music platform such as Tidal, Apple Music or Spotify. 

  • Lawn/Beach Chairs - If you keep a lawn chair in your car this summer, you'll take adulting to a whole new level - we promise! With summer comes so many outdoor events that call for you to bring your own beach chair or blanket to sit on. Stay prepared for anything by keeping one in your trunk.

  • Rooftop bars – Everybody loves a good view and a drink! And you can find both of them on somebody’s rooftop. It’s the perfect place to start or end your night, especially if your view is the skyline. 

  • Day Parties – The perfect vibe! The older we get, the more a midday turn up is ideal. Literally, nothing is better than getting tipsy and catching a vibe with your crew and being in bed by 9pm. And let us not forget the FASHIONS at the functions, just enough sunlight to flash your fit. 

  • BBQ & Cookouts – Homeownership is at all time high right now, and it’s no better way to christen the crib than with a bbq, drinking games, vibes, good food and better people! Name a better time, I’ll wait. 

  • Don't forget to hydrate and exercise – Summertime is one of the best times of the year, no doubt. But don’t forget to take care of yourself. All those day parties and happy hours will ruin you if you don’t stay hydrated and keep active. Plus, we trying to get in them bikinis and crop tops alllllll summer, beach body ready.

Friends, what else would you add to the summer survival check list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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