The Importance of Having Black Sisterhood In Your 20's + Beyond

Am I The Only One who truly values their friendships? Life can get very rough, and its' good to know that I have my friends to turn to during these times. 

I recently went on my annual girls trip with my friends from high school. Do we turn up? Is that even a question? But we always take sometime to have sentimental conversations about our friendships, our lives and what we've experienced over the last 365 days. Somebody grab the tissue box, because we can get a little teary eyed. 

What I learned by having these moments with my girlfriends is that it's okay to be vulnerable.

It's okay to be open and let your friends know what you are really going through. You're not the only one. Most likely they are going through a similar situation or they are just dealing with the same adult growing pains that everyone experiences.

Why have a group of friends you can depend on if you don't call on them when you really need it? You don't always have to be the strong friend and put on facade as if everything is okay. Everything isn't always okay and you should be able to tell your sisters about these moments. If you can't have these conversations with anyone else, you should be able to have them with your sisters. It's okay to be open, it's okay to be vulnerable and I'm grateful that I've found a group a friends that encourage those feelings. 


Am I The Only One is beyond grateful for the friendship/sisterhood of black women? Like seriously, my friends have seen and supported me through some of the most difficult times of my life. Going into this blog post, I thought it would be easy to write. I consider myself blessed to have some really great friends in my life, so I thought I would just write about them.

To get some inspiration, I started to look through my pictures and text threads with my friends. I immediately got overwhelmed, like how can I do all of this love and support justice? And the simple answer is, I can't! But, I will say that all the uncontrollable laughter has gotten me through some long days at work. The wine downs, have gotten me through breakups and career changes. The hours and hours of talking and texting on the phone has literally keep me sane.

All the adventures, turn ups, vacations has given me the breaks I so desperately needed. All the sleepovers, gave my heart peace. All of the arguments we've had surprisingly made me more compassionate and understanding. 

Longest story short, THANK YOU to all my friends for EVERYTHING. I could never say enough, I could never do enough to show you all how much I love you and how much you have shaped me into the woman that I am today. The lessons that I've learned through my friendships will carry me a lifetime, and I'm beyond grateful for that. So happy "I found warmth in some black queens, for when I get cold" - Chance the Rapper. 


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