Three Moments At Work When You've Wanted To Reclaim Your Time

Am I The Only One who has been getting life from Auntie Maxine Waters over the past few months? Auntie Maxine has been making her mark in the political realm for years but most recently she has been taking names throughout government and pop culture has been living for it.

A little over a week ago Auntie Maxine did it again when she demanded her time during a house House Financial Services Committee meeting. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was testifying and attempted to avoid Auntie Waters’ questions about Trump’s financial ties to Russia - you know Auntie Maxine was not having any of that. 

We've all had a Auntie Maxine moment - someone wasting your time and you wanted to reclaim it, especially at work. Let's get into a few examples: 

1. When you're explaining something and someone cuts you off. Reclaiming my time! Cutting people off while they are in the middle of articulating an idea or thought can be very rude. If someone has the floor, give them time to get all of their thoughts out and don't assume that they need your help. 

2. When someone asks you for your opinion but doesn't take it into account. Reclaiming my time! Listen, "why you bother me when you know you don't want me?" I never really understood why people asked for someone else's advice or opinion if they weren't planning on using it. Let's spare one another and salvage our time - if you already have your mind made up, don't consult anyone else. 

3. When your employees schedule a meeting that could have been an email. Reclaiming my time! If you can not relate to the first two examples, you can definitely relate to this one. In addition to wasting everyone's time, the vibe is usually awkward because no one has anything to contribute to the conversation. So before you rally up the troops, consider a short email thread versus a meeting. 


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