Top 10 Places to Work for Black Professionals

It’s the top of the year so you know companies have available budget for salaries and new hires. Let’s jump at this chance to start the new year with a new job, check out our top 10 companies for millennials: 

Expedia – Expedia fuses travel and technology together, two things millennials are in love with. Expedia is featured on Fortune’s top 100 places to work, and with an average salary of $60,000 and a 3.9 star company rating we can see why. Expedia prides itself on collaboration, transparency, teamwork work and innovation. They have over 20,000 employees, in over 30 countries. There is truly something for everyone at Expedia, check out their job listings here.

NBC Universal – NBC Universal is a diverse entertainment company, with stake in television, film, amusement parks and attractions. NBC Universal ranked #1 on Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Diversity,  and their employees run the spectrum of race, age, gender, sexual preference and physical ability. NBC has an average salary of $58,000, and a 3.8 star company rating with a 76 percent employee recommendation rate. NBC Universal offers onsite fitness and medical centers, employee discounts on Comcast, theme parks, shopping etc., and ample vacation and paid time off (for those spur of the moment trips lol). So if your passionate about entertainment, career growth and transparency you might want to check their job listings, here

Delta Airlines – Delta Airlines is airline company dedicated to serving their employees. Delta Airlines comes in at #15 on Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Diversity, with 40 percent of their employees being minorities. Delta Airlines is committed to investing in their employees, they offer training and leadership development courses with an emphasis on community and employee engagement. Delta Airlines has an average salary of $50,000, and a 4.3 star company rating and a 90 percent recommendation rate. Delta Airlines offers free flights for your family and friends, who wouldn’t love that! Check out their available jobs here, the mile high club might be the place for you.

Ernst and Young – Ernst and Young is an financial company, that focuses on tax preparation and corporate risk management. Ernst and Young is featured on Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Diversity, with just under 40 percent of their workforce being minorities. Ernst and Young has a 3.7 star company rating and a 78 percent recommendation rate. Ernst and Young invests in their employees financially, with an average start salary at $60,000 and professionally with guided career goal setting. If your great with numbers, you might want to check their open positions here.

DropBox – Dropbox has become a necessity in business and personal relationships, when it comes to sharing information. This tech based company, is featured on Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Diversity. With an workplace comprised of 40 percent minorities at every level.  Dropbox has a 4.1 star company rating and a 80 percent recommendation rate. Dropbox prides itself on being an inclusive, collaborative, safe and rewarding space to grow and work in. The average starting salary is upwards of $75,000, so if you like tech and sunny California this may be the place for you. Check out their open positions here.

Quicken Loans - If it's one thing that millennials have been about lately it's building wealth - you can do that at Quicken Loans, just imagine the work perks. Quicken Loans is headquartered right in Detroit, Michigan and has nearly 20 percent African-American work representation (we've got some work to do). However, employees of color have stated that Quicken Loans is one of the only place where they've worked and felt comfortable being themselves. Doesn't sound too shabby. Check out their open positions here.

AT&T - AT&T is one of the largest phone service companies, with offices and storefronts all across the country. The company was featured in Fortune's 10 Best Workplaces of African-Americans and has a work representation of nearly 20 percent. Employees have stated that despite the large number of employees, AT&T still does a great job of creating networks for people to connect and grow, like mentoring circles and employee resource groups. That's what we like to hear. Check out their open positions.

FedEx Corp. - FedEx Corp. provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services. What really makes Fed Ex Corp. attractive is that 14 percent of their executives and 27 percent of their frontline managers and supervisors are minorities. Overall, minorities make up nearly half of the FedEx Corp. company. Did we mention the benefits? FedEx even covers up to $5,000 in tuition reimbursement. Doesn't sound too bad for the recent college grads. Find out about their open position here

Marriott International, Inc. - We said it before and we'll say it again - if it's one thing millennials love, it's traveling. If you're looking for a great company with perks, Marriott International is it. Marriott International, Inc. is the largest global lodging company with more than 6,400 properties in 125 countries and territories. Over 30 percent of their top executives are women and nearly 50 percent of there frontline managers and supervisors are minorities. Check out their open positions here.

Aflac Incorporated - Aflac Incorporated offers benefits solutions, including supplemental insurance products like cancer plans, accident insurance and disability coverage, to aid customers in maintaining their lifestyle despite unplanned illnesses or injuries. Nearly 25 percent of women and 30 percent of minorities make up Aflac's executives. Over 40 percent of Aflac's employees are also minorities. Wanna learn more? Click here to learn about their open positions. 

Friends, any other companies we missed? Drop some in our comments or on our Instagram page! 

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