Top 10 Things To Do Before You Turn 30

We all know 30 is the new 20 but turning 30 will also be a major milestone for many of us. Turning 30 for many of us can mean kissing those late nights out goodbye. It can also be a time where many of us will be finding love, starting families and taking our careers to the next level.  

We asked a few people who are fabulously living out their thirties, how they prepared for the next phase and what do they wish they could have done differently. Before we hit the big 3-0, here's what we should do. 

1. Get a passport, and USE it! It's a huge world out there, and you should experience it! So many cultures, food, excursions and people to immerse yourself in.

2. Pay off a loan. Whether that be car, condo, school, credit card, do it! You will feel a huge sense of freedom and relief, and it won't hurt the credit score at all. 

3. Move to a new city . Striking out on your own gives you the time and space to really get to know yourself, and the city. Who knows you might just fall in love all over again

4. Find your hobby. Everybody has something they love to do, want to learn to do, or interested in. Find your thing, and master it. 

5. Fall in Love. Love is an amazing thing, and everybody should know the feeling. So whether that means boyfriend, marriage, kids etc. Go get your love, you won't regret it.

6. Get an accountant. Whether you are launching your own business or just want to have a better understanding of your finances, getting an accountant will help you keep your finances in check. 

7. Get you some credit. Using a credit card can be unfamiliar territory for some but using a credit card can help you build credit so that you are ready for any big steps like buying a car or house. 

8. Start a business. Not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit but if you an idea, go for it. This doesn't have to be the idea that takes you into an early retirement, it can even be a side hustle. 

9. Look into buying a home. Buying a home while you are young will help you build equity. Another added bonus is that the space will be all yours to change up and add your personal touch. 

10. Sign up for a 401K. If you're working full time and your job offers you a benefits package, a 401K maybe included in that package. The earlier you begin saving money with your 401K the easier it will be to retire when the time comes because finances won't be standing in your way. 

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