Top 5 Cities for Young Black Professionals

Thinking about making the big move? Before you pack your bags, we've gathered a list of the top cities for young black professionals. 

Washington D.C.

It's the nation's capital and it's also a hub for black professionals in numerous industries. D.C is  home to top tier schools like Howard and Georgetown University, so you'll run into hundreds of young black professionals in this hustling and bustling city. Almost any industry you are looking to pursue, you'll find it in D.C. What makes D.C. so great is that you'll run into professionals working in numerous industries from fashion to politics. 

Atlanta, GA

From celebrities, to musicians and hair stylist, you'll find them here in Atlanta. This city is also filled with historical black colleges such as Clark Atlanta, Spelman and Morehouse. You never have to worry about being bored in the "A' - there's always a networking or social event where you can connect with other young professionals. The cost of living is also a plus for living in Atlanta - you need an income of only $50,000 to maintain a good lifestyle. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

If you live for the arts, then you'll love Philly. Musicians, dancers and artists of all kind are living in Philly.  Philly is constantly rated as one of the happiest cities for young professionals. Not only is Philly a great place for creatives, it's also a great place for comraderie - it is the city of brotherly love. 


Charlotte is a perfect place for comfortable living, in a southern city. Ranked no.14 in the U.S. for Business and Careers on the Forbes list, and a average income of over $50,000 Charlotte just might be one sweet deal. You also don't have to worry about culture, Charlotte is ranked no.16 on the List of "U.S. metropolitan areas with large African-American populations" by Census. Charlotte might be the next haven for millennials of Color. 


Houston is the perfect mix of southern and city living. It's the fourth largest city in the U.S., right in the middle of cozy Texas. Houston has a huge Black Middle Class, and a booming economy. On top of the financial security Houston has to offer, it's also named "one of the most affordable cities in the U.S.. Earning it's nicknames "The Black Mecca" and "The Next Atlanta", Houston very well may be the best kept secret for millennials of color.

Are there any other great cities for young black professionals? Share your thoughts below. 

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