We All Need A Break: Social Media Detox

Am I the only one that gets sucked into social media? I found myself wasting so much time, when I know I have more important things I should be focusing on. Aside from the time wasted, I found myself feeling like I "knew" people. Let me explain this, seeing so much about people that I don't have a personal connection with made me feel weird. Like, I don't know these people but I know about their kids and relationships problems. It was just a bit much for me. 

So, I deiced to take a detox. I stayed off social media for two weeks. And let me tell you, it was the best! During these two weeks, I was focused on myself. It was peaceful, only hearing my voices and not millions of others. I went out several times during this two week period, and I didn't document any of it. When I tell y'all I had an amazing time, not worrying about capturing the moment. I just lived it. I also started a SEO online course, reorganized my living space and updated my virtual professional resume. I found new vegetable combinations I like, and how to make my special blend detox water. I truly tuned into myself, and I have the real world to thank! 

In a perfect world, this detox would last forever. But I'm a entertainment publicist, with a blog and a podcast. However, going forward I will be limiting my use. I want to feel the moments, and not have my opinions and thoughts crowded by all the noise of social media. 

- Tamika

Am I The Only One that has to do a social media detox every once in a while?

As an up and coming blogger/podcaster/entrepreneur, it's very hard to step away from social media 24/7 - and I mean VERY. There's always something I can be posting on one of my platforms or something I'm thinking about doing. Social media is also the easiest way to reach my audiences and potential audience members. It's even a great place for me to find other bloggers/entrepreneurs to connect with. With all of that said, it's nearly impossible for me to completely separate myself with social media.

On the other hand, social media can be a very dark space and it can bring a lot of negativity. Last year while I was working for my previous job, I was very depressed, no exaggeration. Like any other young adult, I spent most of my down time scrolling on one of the various social media apps. I found myself always down about where I was in life and comparing my current situation to others. The only way I was going get back healthy and focus on the steps needed to get me out of my depression was to eliminate social media. 

Now a year later, I am in a much better head space. However, I still purge specific media accounts to make sure I'm surrounded by positivity. As I mentioned earlier, social media can be a very dark and negative space and right now, I'm only seeking positive people and vibes. I say all of this to say, even if you don't think you need to take a break from social media, do it. Be mindful of the things you are feeding yourself on daily basis because it can truly affect the way you feel. 


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