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Hi friends, 

Iesha here and thank you so much for coming to read our first blog post here at AITOO! We will hear from Tamika a little later but on her behalf I would like to express so much gratitude for you, yes you, taking the time to read what we have to say. After only a couple years into our careers, you would think we wouldn't have alot to say. Well we do and obviously you do too!

I'll give you a glimpse of what life was like for me after college and navigating the real world. You know that moment Dorothy had when she realized she wasn't in Kansas anymore? Well that was me. I went from living in a small rural college town for four years to living in Chicago all alone, no family and a few distant friends. Interning for barely minimum wage in a big city definitely wasn't easy. Reflecting on my time in undergrad, I thought I worked extremely hard in order to land me a full time job in my career. Little did I know there were thousands of other recent grads who were working just as hard as me. Turns out there is a such thing as competition and I was humbled real quick.

But I came too far to turn around and crack under the pressure (and also my lease wasn't up until the following year, so I had no choice but to stay). Throughout my journey I've experienced much and learned a lot about myself and about the world we live in. Tamika and I created this blog to spread hope and encouragement to everyone out there that may be just like us. Even if you are far beyond the early years of your career, there is a space here for you. I'm very excited that you are here and I hope you will share your experience with us. 



Hi friends, 

My first "real" job out of college was a nightmare. And when I say "real", I'm saying the traditional structure of 9-5 workdays, benefits, and salary pay. Except mine was 7am - 6pm, and consisted of no structure or leadership, extremely difficult customers, less than savory pay, and little to no room for growth within the company (Not that I wanted to "grow" there anyway). But needless to say I HATED IT! While this job was draining the life out of me, it didn't stop me from pursing my ultimate field of Media /Communications. I created social media content for a production company, became a brand ambassador/specialist for an alcohol company, and began seriously growing my professional network.

So when the day came September 24, 2015, where I could not TAKE IT anymore, I quit! My side gigs became my main focus, and my savings became my primary source of income (Talk about scary) but I couldn't be more happy. I'm doing the work that I love, and I actually have the time to work on my craft, and find the right agency fit for me when it's time to go back to corporate America.  

I haven't been out of college long, but it has been an emotional, financial, and spiritual roller coaster. From sharing my experiences with my friends and colleagues, I found out that I wasn't the only one! I found it comforting to know that there were others who shared my struggles, trials, and successes. That is why Iesha & I created this blog. To give young professionals  a platform to connect, vent, network, and get some encouragement! We can't wait to take this journey with yall. 



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