What To Do Between Jobs?

Hi Friends, 

One of the most difficult spaces to find yourself in as a young professional, is in between jobs. Whether you quit, got fired, or even laid off. Being without a job will test your confidence, your will, and your patience. When I decided to quit my job four months ago, I was extremely scared because no job means no income. While working I saved religiously, almost half of my check (at the time I still lived at home with my mom). But when that changed, I had to get creative to make ends meet. 

So, being a self proclaimed "hustler" I got to it. While I was still working, I had several "side hustles". So I brought those lucrative hobbies to the forefront. I doubled up my work load with my position with a market agency as a "promotions specialist". I become extremely focused on growing my professional contacts. From those efforts I was fortunate enough to expand my freelance clientele (social media content creation/ media marketing plans). As well as taking advantage of the "on demand" job market that connects you instantly to a source of income. Like, Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, Insta Cart, Swing Job, Focus point global, and so much more. But the biggest lesson I learned while surviving without a salary is sticking to a BUDGET. 

Being realistic about how much your bringing in every month, compared with your expenses. I find it extremely helpful to exactly WRITE IT OUT, so you can see and touch it. 




Hey everyone, 

It's Iesha! I know that I can't be the only one who thinks that having a gap in-between jobs is okay? As Tamika mentioned, the period in between jobs can be a stressful time, so stressful that you start to question your talents. But have you ever taken the time to really appreciate that period of time? 

In September 2014 I began working at a public affairs firm in Chicago as one of the fall interns. This was a temporary position that would only last until the end of January 2015. I of course did not let the thought of not having a job haunt me, until December rolled around. I frantically started applying for jobs, inviting people out for coffee dates and attending networking events. As a result of that I got tons of leads for job interviews but I did not land any of them. I started to think what was wrong with me that I couldn't land one single job? Did I say the wrong things? Is this the right industry for me? And so on. 

I did eventually land another internship with another public affairs firm. But sometimes I look back and wonder what could've happened if I took more time to search for another gig rather than letting the fear of unemployment rush me into accepting another position. What if I waited a little longer to weigh more options? Options that might have been a better fit for me. My point is that sometimes a period of unemployment is okay because it's better to be happy with where  you are working rather than being apart of something just for the paycheck. 

What are your thoughts? Is it okay to be unemployed for a period of time? 



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