Why Your Friends Can Also Be Your Soulmates


If you know me then you know that I'm very loyal to the people in my life - I don't play when it comes to my friends. Growing up, I didn't have any siblings my age but I was fortunate enough to gain some pretty great girlfriends throughout my life.

I also wasn't the type of person who focused on dating heavily - mainly due to me being awkward. But, that ended up working out in my favor because my lack of dating, helped me focus on building stronger friendships with my besties! And when it's all said and done, you can always count on your friends to be there when dating fails you.

Here's why I think your friends can also be your soulmates:

1. They just get you. If your partner happens to be the typical hetero, cis-gendered male, I can almost guarantee that their interests are different from yours (if you're anything like me). We can't always enjoy the same TV shows or music for instance. Your girlfriends can though.

2. They understand the tea. I'm not one for drama and gossip 24/7 but let's just be honest - sometimes we end up getting our hands on some hot tea. When its good, it's so good and you can't always enjoy that with your significant other. You can with your girlfriends though.

3. You can always pick back up where you left off. You can't do that in a relationship. I don't talk to my friends every single day because of life. I also realize that my friends are busy building their own lives. But nothing changes when we link up, we pick right back up where we left off. That's the magic of having good girlfriends.

Convinced that your friends are also your soulmates yet? Good! If you don't have any, get out there and get you some.

- Iesha


Jumping right in on this one. Just like Iesha, friendship is sooooo important to me. It's the essence of everything sweet in this world. It's an amazing feeling to have a genuine bond with somebody, where you can be yourself (the good, bad and the ugly). So with that being said, let me tell y'all why I love my soul sisters:

1.  They show up for me, man my friends have ALWAYS been there for me. I mean rearranging they're schedules/lives/finances to make sure I'm ok. To have other people invested in your well being is an overwhelming feeling. Friends are truly the family God lets you pick.

2.  Our memories are priceless, I can write a book on all the wild adventures, random pop-ups, vacations, sleepovers, fights, tears, makeups, milestone moments and more. To have people who you know will be there every step of the way is priceless.

3.  They help me grow, my friends love me. But they also see and present my flaws, and I honestly appreciate. It allows me to reflect, and make the necessary adjustments to live as my best self. This takes a high level of trust and honesty that I'll never take for granted.

I'm extremely grateful for my friendships, past and present. You all have helped me become the woman I am today, love y'all to life.

- Tamika

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