Iesha Mitchell

From the Motor City to the Windy City and back again… Iesha is the type of woman that knows what she wants and then goes out to get it. Like every professional, Iesha has faced many obstacles while chasing her dreams. Her love for connecting and helping others led her to blog/podcast about her experience, hoping to inspire and motivate other young professionals in the workplace. “What advice would I give to those who are just starting?” That is the question that motivated Iesha to talk about life after college. Her purpose is to shed light on the transition young professionals face while exiting college life and entering into what people consider “the real world”.  
Iesha obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Bowling Green State University in 2014 and then her Masters of Science in Communications from Northwestern University in 2015. While living in Chicago she began to pursue her career in public relations and now works for the City of Detroit as a communications manager. In addition to her 9-5, Iesha does freelance work for local businesses under her creative agency, IM Public Relations and Branding. 

Keep up with Iesha at @iesha8 on all social media platforms.


Tamika Jackson

From cooperate America to making her own rules. Tamika always knew that a 9-5 just wouldn't fit her. She is the type of woman that goes after what she wants, even if that means "breaking outside of the box". After working as a manager for a car company, she decided that enough was enough. She was not fulfilled and felt like her talents were going to waste. So she quit and become a full-time freelancer. After a year of figuring it out, she decided to go back into corporate, as an entertainment publicist. To perfect her craft, strengthen her network and gain experience with large scale campaigns. "What advice would I give to a young professional?' is the question that motivated Tamika to start this platform. She wants to share her experiences with other young professionals who may be going through the same journey of figuring out "What's next"? Tamika currently works as a Digitial Marketing Manager for the City of Chicago. 

Tamika obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, with a minor in history from Northern Illinois University in 2014. Her professional experience includes social media management, client management, product growth and development, public relations, marketing strategy, event planning, and execution.

Keep up with Tamika at @meme4rmla on all social media platforms.